Deviation from nature is deviation from happiness - Samuel Johnson

As a society, we have become disconnected from the natural world, traditionally a rich source of inspiration, solace, wisdom and regeneration. It is no stretch to say that our health - and the health of the planet - are casualties of this disconnection.  

While few of us have easy access to the wilderness that once enchanted Thoreau, Emerson and Muir, we can take advantage of the pockets of nature that we can find - or create - outside our doors.

Not surprisingly, a growing body of research is showing that well-designed landscapes can:

  • decrease stress and depression, anxiety and agitation
  • improve concentration and attentional capacity
  • speed healing and reduce pain
  • increase resilience
  • decrease blood pressure
  • bolster the immune system

Positive space landscapes may be of particular benefit for those coping with illness, disability, PTSD, addiction, or other chronic stressors, as well as families that have renovated the interior of their homes in order to age-in-place or support an elderly family member. We use an evidence-based approach to healthcare garden design.

Could a positive space be your antidote to the modern world?